Wassa East District Observes 67TH Independence Anniversary

It was all colourful when the Wassa East District Assembly actively participated in the celebration of Ghana’s 67th Independence Day. The event took place at St. Martin’s School Park in Daboase, Western Region, on March 6th, 2024, under the theme “Our Democracy, Our Pride.”

During the celebration, the District Chief Executive, Hon. Emmanuel Boakye, expressed his appreciation for the people of Ghana, particularly hardworking farmers, teachers, health professionals, and all workers who have contributed tirelessly to the country’s development. He emphasized that there could not have been a more fitting theme for this year’s celebration than “Our Democracy, Our Pride.”

The Chief Executive highlighted Ghana’s reputation as a beacon of democracy in Africa and stressed the importance of sustaining this achievement. He called for unity and active participation from all Ghanaians, urging them to take pride in their country and contribute to its progress.

Hon. Emmanuel Boakye acknowledged that reaching sixty-seven years as an independent nation was a significant milestone that required time, energy, and commitment. He encouraged everyone to work selflessly and create a peaceful environment conducive to sustainable development.

The Chief Executive advised the school children in attendance to avoid engaging in negative behaviors such as corruption, vandalism and dishonesty. Instead, he urged them to focus on their education, channel their energy into productive activities, and prepare themselves for a bright future while contributing to Ghana’s development.

Furthermore, Hon. Emmanuel Boakye cautioned the gathering not to be swayed by politicians and to avoid getting into trouble before, during, and after elections. He emphasized the need to stay vigilant and reap the benefits of Ghana’s government.

As part of the celebration, twenty-three schools, including primary, junior high, and senior high schools, were selected to participate in a march past. These schools were honored with certificates of participation, acknowledging their involvement in the event.

Overall, the celebration of Ghana’s 67th Independence Day in the Wassa East District was a memorable occasion that highlighted the country’s democratic achievements and called for continued dedication to national development.

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