Wassa East observes 39th National farmers Day

Speech By  District Chief Executive Hon. Emmanuel Boakye

Celebrating Farmers the 39th edition: A Day of Appreciation at Dompim No.1 in the Wassa East District.

In the heart of the Wassa East District, nestled in the scenic Western Region of Ghana, the 39th  edition of the National Farmer’s Day was commemorated at Dompim No.1 to celebrate the hardworking farmers within the district who tirelessly toil the land to provide food for the nation.

The grand occasion, was a testament to the vital role that farmers play in our society. With a plethora of activities, speeches, and awards, the event was a true reflection of the gratitude and admiration that the district holds for its farmers.

Farmer’s Day is an annual event celebrated in Ghana to honour the invaluable contributions of farmers to the nation’s economy and food security. It serves as a platform to recognize the hard work, resilience, and dedication of farmers who work tirelessly to provide sustenance for the entire population. The day also highlights the importance of agriculture as the backbone of the Ghanaian economy, employing a significant portion of the population and contributing significantly to the country’s GDP.

country’s GDP.

The Farmer’s Day celebration in Dompim No.1 was a vibrant and colourful affair that brought together farmers, government officials, community leaders, and residents. The event was held in an open field adorned with beautiful decorations, showcasing the agricultural heritage of the region. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as everyone eagerly awaited the commencement of the festivities.

The Farmer’s Day celebration featured a wide range of activities and exhibitions that showcased the rich agricultural diversity of the region. Local farmers proudly displayed their produce, ranging from staple crops such as maize, cassava, and yam, to exotic fruits and vegetables. The exhibition provided an opportunity for farmers to share their knowledge and expertise with the community, promoting sustainable farming practices and innovation in the district.

A highlight of the event was the series of speeches delivered by esteemed guests, including the Honourable Regional Minister Kwabena Okyere Darko, the District Chief Executive  Emmmanuel Boakye and the District Director of Agriculture Madam Helena Addo.

Speech by District Director of Agriculture Madam Helena Addo

Speaking under the theme “ Delivering Smart solutions for Sustainable food security and resilience”.   The speakers emphasized the importance of agriculture in national development and commended the farmers for their invaluable contributions. The speakers also highlighted the need for continued support and investment in the agricultural sector to ensure its growth and sustainability.

Furthermore, the Farmer’s Day celebration in Dompim No.1 included the presentation of awards to outstanding farmers who had demonstrated exceptional skills, innovation, and productivity in their farming practices. These awards served as a token of appreciation and encouragement for the farmers to continue their remarkable work.

Best Farmer of the year 2023

 A 59 year old Nana Kojo Nimo from Sekyere Krobo, was adjudged the best farmer of the year. He owns 14 acres of plantain farm, 10.5 acres of cassava, 4 acre of coco yam and 2 acres of vegetables. The rest are 14 acres of cocoa, an acre of maize, 52 acres of rubber, 19 cattle, 16 goats, 22 sheep, 10 Guinea fowls and 36 local fowls.

For his award he received a tricycle and other farm input.

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